Womens Wool Felt Peaked Cloche Hat

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Womens Wool Felt Peaked Cloche Hat. Adjustable Size
⦿ Adjustable Size
⦿ Classic Peaked Cloche Hat
Made from 100% Premium Wool
Unmatched Hand Made Quality
Stylish and Practical
Comfortable To Wear And Easy To Clean

The cloche hat is a close-fitting, bell-shaped hat that was popular in the 1920s and 1930s. It is named after the French word for "bell," as the shape of the hat is similar to a bell. The cloche hat was often worn by women as a fashion accessory and was particularly popular during the flapper era. It typically covers the head and can be made of a variety of materials, such as wool, straw, or felt. Our Cloche Hat is made out of 100% wool very high quality. This has a beautiful hat that has many colours. Only comes one size with two strings to pull to make it tighter. When cleaning the the cloche hat just use brush or a dry sponge to wipe off. There is a sweatband inside to not let the sweat come to your eyes. Even to stop the cold wind get in. When you wearing this hat on you well know it is very comfort becasue of the material, being soft as it is 100% wool. It can be can be worn in the the rain to they are 100% water resistance so no reson to stop wearing it. They are crushproof so you can take it anythere. You can wear it in any occasion, big or small. This is one of our best selling hats which many people come again and again for more colours.
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Material100% Wool
Wholesale OnlyNo
Minimum Qty (Wholesale)1

For hats that come in mulitple sizes, please use this approximate size guide, as there is a very slight variation with hats in general:

XS - 55cm
S - 56cm
M - 57-58cm
L - 59cm
XL - 60cm
XXL - 61cm
XXXL - 62cm

Note: Sizes may vary slightly on some products.

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